Sias team wins at Star of Outlook National English Competition

Monday, June 10 - The 2019 Star of Outlook English Competition, sponsored by the CCTV Middle School Student Channel, was held on the 8th and 9th of June in Beijing. Over 2,000 contestants from 32 provinces, autonomous regions, and special municipalities across China gathered in the capital to compete in the English-speaking competition. The theme of the competition was "Beyond the Stage to the World". Preston Dean, and Wang Haizhen, teachers from Sias' School of Foreign Languages, led 5 students - Sun Jiaqi, Li Huixin, Tao Lanxi, Zhao Ji, and Huang Yan - in the competition. The team from Sias University had qualified from the Henan Region.


The competition was divided into 4 parts: personality display, impromptu speeches, 1-on-1 debates, and impromptu questions and answers. The topics included history, politics, economics, society, science, and technology at home and abroad, and aimed at testing the contestants' English ability, analytical thinking, speech, and logic.


After several rounds where they were able to display their fluent English, Sun Jiaqi, Li Huixin, and Huang Yan won the second prize in the competition, while Tao Lanxi and Zhao Ji won the third prize.


The English language and speech skills of Sias students in the competition, were the fruit of the university's training objectives with regard to English proficiency, knowledge, and providing students with a broad vision. It also demonstrated Sias' integration of Chinese and Western educational philosophies and the internationalized holistic education.

The Sias team at the Star of Outlook National English Competition

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